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Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well.  I had a question regarding recovery of rod placement in femur bone to support the femur bone. The bone had cancer found after the kidney was removed last year.

All went well, surgery was done 1/15/2013 and I have been recovering ok.

Lateley tho, the last few weeks or so, I have been getting a quick pain what feels like the nerve. Feels almost like restless leg syndrome.

If I am laying in my recliner, the leg sometimes shakes, like the nerve is being stabbed, or the leg is just restless , cant keep it still.

The only way ro stop it is to either sit in a chair at my table or walk.

Has anyone experienced similar effects?

Please feel free to email me at  [email protected]

Thhanks in advance  and hope all of us stay well.


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    More info


    What drug(s) are you currently taking?

    In particular, are you on either Zometa or Xgeva in addition to whatever else your onc has prescribed?