Active Duty diagnosed Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma last week.  I'm in the staging process right now, PET scan tomorrow and first consultation with the oncologist on wednesday.  I was wondering if anyone had any guidance about being in the military and having cancer.   I am stationed at Dover AFB and I am hoping they let me get convalescent leave to go home to Columbus for treatment where my wife and I have plenty of support from family and friends.  Any guidance and support would be very helpful.





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    Active with cancer


    Just seeing if you are stilll active with this sight. tried to send you a posting last night, bt do not know if it took. I am also active duty and was diagnoised with Hodgkins in late 2007/2008. I ran the whole barrage of what they throw at us and I'm still here. Will be retiring after 24 yrs this Nov. Send up a new posting  when you can, would like to touch bases with you and help out in any way I can.



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    I too was diagnosed about the

    I too was diagnosed about the same time with non-hodgkins lymphoma and on active duty.  What ended up happening with you?  I was sent on humanitarion transfer.  I'm in remission now and trying to re-enlist.  

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    Joe -
    Same story what

    Joe -

    Same story what happened?