I had to smile.....

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So after church today I was visiting with a friend who has recently moved back to th area and I had not been in contact with since first diagnosed. She is kind and sensitive and had a lot going on in her own life. Somehow (because someone else she knows is getting radiation for cervical cancer), we got on the subject of dilators. We were in a church gathering area. She had become teary-eyed and at that same time the priest must have over heard the words "die later" and came over to see if he could help her. She was sooo embarassed and we had no intention of filling him in that we both just started to laugh. I reassured him we would be ok now.

On a different note.....still SNOWING in Wisconsin!!!!!


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    Made me smile :)

    Thanks eihtak - that's priceless.   Smile

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    Too funny!  Personally, I prefer the "dilator" as opposed to the "die later, " which could mean anything from tomorrow to 40 years from now!  Laughing

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    Thanks for making me laugh! It is hard to believe it is still snowing somewhere in USA.
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    Thanks for the smile!

    Funny story!  Thanks for sharing!