Muscle and Joint pain

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I had a total thyroidectomy 2 years ago because of Papiloma Cancer. Parathyroid was damaged and never recovered. I did not have RI. I have struggled with spasms the first year. Balancing my calcium levels can be frustrating. Any suggestions for that would be appreciated also. The past 3-4 months I have joint and muscle pain that comes and goes. The past few weeks it is constant. My hands hurt the most to the point of difficulty holding anything.. My body just aches. I have read that this is common with thyroid cancer. My doctors has no answers.

Has anyone struggled with this and do you have any answers?


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    Are you taking any othe medications?

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    I was just getting ready to post on this issue

    I had my TT and RAD three years ago in November. I had been taking 125mg of synthroid daily but my levels were too high. I have slowly been taking 112 mg four days a week and 125mg three days a week (my endo wants me down to 112mg seven days a week). About three weeks ago, I started having muscle pain in my shoulders and neck. I also have terrible pain in my wrist and knee. I read that being either hypo or hyperthyroid can cause this. I am thinking it may be because I have reduced my synthroid dosage. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The muscle aches come and go but the wrist/joint pain is getting to be a constant.