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I completed my treatment this week.  Upon initial exam, the tumor is no longer there.  For that I praise God in heaven for His healing and blessing the Doctors with talents and dedication.  I have been very sick, weak and burnt.  I have spent many hours pouring over this website for reassurance.   I have not lost any hair on my head, but it is very dry.  Down under is another story.  Hair for me was not an issue of concern.  If we could just figure some way around the radiation burns.  I don't have a clue what, but that will be on my mind for along time.  I will say that none of the recommentations the medical community made for handling the burns, DID NOT WORK.  I tried every lotion, salve. cream or goo I coulf get my hands on.  Tonight after soaking in a tub of epsom salts and baking soda,  I am trying something else.  After airdry I dusted my butt crack with corn starch.  I will report back as to the results.  I feel so blessed, but have a long way to go. 


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    Lime Flamingo

    Congratulations on being done with treatment.  Now the healing can begin.  I wish you a speedy recovery!

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    I really want to urge you to stop putting substances on the burn. Keeping it dry and clean and letting the air get at it is the best bet fo speedy healing? Also, eat extra protein to promote healing. Keep hydrated and avoid acidic foods. Hopefully, healing will be speedy.
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    Domboro solution - the only relief

    Dear friend ... Try this...It did help me.  I also placed telfa

    pads between my butt cheeks to soak up oozing.  Bless you!!  

    It does heal in time!

     Domeboro Soak Instructions:

    1. Dissolve one package in a container with one pint of water.

    2. Place clean, soft cloth in mixture until completely wet.

    3. Apply “dripping” cloth to affected area and leave on for 10- 15 minutes Repeat soaks 4-5 times daily.

    4. Let skin air dry

    5. Apply any ordered medications or creams. (or olive oil if desired )

    6. Mixture may be saved for later use by covering container with a lid.

    7. Available over the counter at your local pharmacy.  NOTE:  Be sure to discuss any over the counter choices with your physician first!

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    Lime Flamingo.....

    So happy for you to be done with treatment! I remember that first week after, being difficult. I wanted to feel better than I did faster than I did. The radiation is still working.... (kind of like how food still cooks when you take it out of a microwave)  Like said before, rest, eat protien if you can, and as far as the burns go ???? what works for one does not always work for another. The first week I mostly used Dermoplast spray because of the ease in applying. I'll bet you will feel better soon, its amazing how all of a sudden the body says "ok" time to get on with things!

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that that comes quickly.......

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    cornstarch not good for me

    i tried everything ...cornstarch was too gritty...i had to get it off of me...i had to use squirt bottle of water to spray the area then stick my bottom up under the tub fawcett and wash it off carefully (used johnson's baby wash ).   then blot  with shammy cloth,(wash cloths too hard)  , then use cool hair dryer on low...then use fan between legs while sitting in bed  to dry the area up....i let it dry for 30 minutes or so....then i had been given rx for Biafine... i applied that ....i was so weak after tx that i could barely do all of this... i remember just  screaming to God to help me do all of this... i was sooooo tired of it all.... i did it though and finally finally got a little better bit by bit.   my docs at Mda were trying to help me with all of the creams becuase i burned within the 2nd week of tx and was really burned at the end....even tho i had washed all the creams off each time before tx...i was allergic to sulfa so i was limited in the creams....  i hope the cornstarch works for you... you will heal but it hurts and is hard....protein protein protein... you will get better.......sephie