Follicular Thyroid Cancer and a Blood Disease-Hemoglobin H disease

kiinani33 Member Posts: 1

HI:  I have two teenage daughters, ages 15 and 17 diagnosed recently with Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma.  One daughter more extensive than the other, the 15 year old.  She is due for RAI treatment in 12 days.  She also has a genetic inherited blood disease called Hemohlobin H Disease(In the family of Thallassemia).  i cant seem to fing ANYTHING or ANY information about someone having the same blood disease she has and RAI treatment.  Ive looked everywhere.  Ive asked her doctor and he says she SHOULD be okay...Ive asked jsut about ebey organization, and no information... DOES ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS?    Thanks for your time.