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I had 41 treatments of hi dose radiation 5 years ago. I developed chronic radiation proctitis and other gi tract problems ( Chrones type ). I also have chronic burn of the urinary tract. The symtoms have gotten worse. Has anyone used the following for these issues:


1. Elmiron

2. ELMA cream

3. Anusol HC Supp.

4. Imodium 8 x day

5. Neurotin


Please advise as to your experience. Has anyone found any remedies that work.

Thanks for your input.


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    Hyperbaric oxygen treatment

    You may want to consider hyperbaric oxygen treatment. See:

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    Anusul Supp.

    I am using the 25 mg supposititories for about 3 months following radiation procities diagnosis about 1.5 years after prostate seeding.  I seem to be in a holding pattern.  My doctor wants me to be let time work before going to the next step.  I think his chosen route for me is to try a Formalin treatment is time and supposititories don't work.  My problem is located in the rectum area.