Muscle twitching

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My father is 56 yo and
Here is the summary of events:
Diagnosis: January 8, 2013. GBM Grade 4 (37 mm x 22 mm x 10 mm) Left frontal lobe
Biopsy results: EFAP: Positive, Cytokeratin (AE1/AE3)  Negative, p53: (1+), KI-67: %28
Surgery: January 24, 2013.
Established mass was tracked down to ventricular holes and completely removed. Tumor was infiltrated to the ventricular wall.
February 19, 2013: Simultaneous radio and chemotherapy began. 
Temodal  125 mg/5 day/a week
Radiotherapy  5 day/a week
In the first stage, patient wil simultaneously receive a 30 cycles of radiotherapy and low dosage chemotherapy.

And then we are on 5/28 adjuvant temodar cycle (360mg).but my father has muscle twitching (not like a seizures)(only for left side)Has anyone experienced muscle twitching? im fear about the spread of tumor(from left side to right side)


thanks for your interest


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    Muscle Spasm

    Hi, my condolence to u, ur father and family.  I have been doagnose with breast cancer, secondary lung cancer and recently given weeks to live. Yes... I suffer muscle spasm/twitching constantly, and usually whole I'm about to fall asleep. Twitching often occus more to the right driver history report of my body, my leg, shoulders, hand and even my upper chest; but lately, my shoulders. Twitching started mid last year (2016); a year after i had chemo. But since iv been  given weeks to live I have notice the twitching in my body is a lot more frequent. I also noticed that when i almost died and was resently admitted into hosptial, the twitching came on a lot quicker (1-3 seconds from closing my eyes) and grew stronger (Kick rather a twitch); but has settled since I was discharged. Spcialist have no idea why or what's causing my body from twitching. But speakimg for myself I personally believe there is a mixture of reasons that contribute to our body experiencing muscle spasms 1) Our time (Life span) is near, 2) Body is extremly vulnerable and our brain still trying to process the shock that our time to die is near. 3) Cancer spreading to other parts of the body and 5) Medication triggering reaction but I'm not entirely convinced since I was not taking medication at the time. Hope this helps.