Relay for Life

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Hi everybody,


So it's time for Relay for Life again, and I'm debating whether to register for the Survivors' Lap.  I'm a senior in college, and I haven't told a ton of people at my school (not that I don't want people to know or am uncomfortable talking about it!), and I'm worried that it would be a very rude awakening for all the people that I haven't told.  Also, I feel as though I'm a bit out of place, since I am a recent survivor and had only a TT and not even RAI!  Does anybody else feel that way?  It's causing quite a lot of anxiety in my life right now because I feel like even my closest friends have forgotten everything that I've been through in the last year, so part of me wants to do the survivors lap to remind them that I AM a survivor, but at the same time I don't want to do it because I don't FEEL like a survivor.  


Sorry for the really long and badly worded post!  


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    You absolutely should run. Whether you are a new or old survivor you are one. Cancer is cancer no matter what kind you get. Those who know you will understanthe invite them to join you? I'm sure some of them can be running for a friend,relative etc who has bee affected.

     now...go train for that victory lap!

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    Not going to walk either

    I understand how you feel. Everyone here at work wants me to walk the survivors, but I feel like a fraud. I think I will give money again, and say maybe next year.

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    I just did my third Relay, also as a committee member.  By all means you should do the survivors lap.  YOU ARE A SURVIVOR!  Wear that purple shirt and walk proud.


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    I know how you feel

    I know exactly how you feel. I am on a Relay for Life team also. I had a TT for papillary cancer, June 2012, with no radiation. Now that I have read your post it makes me feel better that someone else feels the same way as myself. My relay is tphis weekend. A few cancer survivors have asked me to join them in the survivor lap. I said I didn't go through all that they had and didn't feel right going. They said "cancer is cancer and you had it." I haven't totally accepted that I had cancer. But, this weekend I think with the support of my family and friends it will sink in. If you do it, I will too!!!  :)