Second opinion

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I seen my oncologist today.She looked over test results from gastroligist.She said he did not get deep for Biopsey.I am still having lot of pain and other symptoms.She is sending me to specialist to see what they think.I feel better about that.It is also scarey.I know something is wrong.She agreed that the mass they seen in colon would not cause pain.So something is causing it.It's been 6 almost 7 months of this,three Colonoscopys and cat scan.And I still don't think they know all that's going on.Hopefully this dr. Will.I will keep you posted.Thanks again.


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    Second Opinion

    I've found it's a bit easier when you know what you're up against. Hopefully the 2nd opinion will figure that out. Keep us posted


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    Good for you ... Sounds like you are doing just the right thing

    to find out what the problem is.  Know that many here will want to know how you are, so keep checking in with us. Best to you -- Cynthia

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    I hope this specialist will

    I hope this specialist will give you the answers you need to move forward.