Biopsy today. heavy blood flow normal?

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My biopsy today wasn't as painful as I had thought it might be. Just uncomfortable. The digital exam hurt more than the needle or the collection.  However, I am surprised at the heavy flow of blood in my urine.  It's only been a few hours so I'm guessing it's normal.  The flow is initially pretty heavy and slowly dissipates.  The next time I urinate it's the same thing all over.  Is this normal and to be expected for the first day or so? I was told to expect blood for at least 24 hours, but I expected just some staining.



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    Never Mind - Panic Over

    Disregard.  Guess I jumped the gun.  Big improvement over the last couple of hours.

    Now the wait...


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    blood flow

    It's one of those normal things they forget to tell you but it makes sense, they poke holes in your butt, it makes sense you'll leak at first then it quits.