Mom has stomach cancer

We found out the day before we buried my grandfather that my mother has stomach cancer.  We are in the very early stages of all of this but my mother is comforted that "as far as they can tell" it is confined to the stomach and has not spread to other organs.  Not sure what that means but this has been very difficult.  My things I read is that stomach cancer is a painful process and most people lose the battle.  I am trying very hard to rely on God and rest in his assurance that if she does not win this battle she will be in heaven with him.  She is suppose to go this week to talk with the chemo dr and decide a course of treatment.  I feel like what I read is that seldom is stomach caught in time.  If you have any insight as to how to deal with this I would greatly appreciate it.  Prior to this, I have been caught up in my own little world and never really gave cancer a thought.  My grandfather had it and was cured.  I am truly sorry I was so not in tune with how many people suffer from this disease.  I promise I will pray for each family here and never again take health issues so lightly. You all have my love and prayers and may God somehow get us through this journey together.



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    Hi Red: Sorry to hear about

    Hi Red: Sorry to hear about your grandfather and your mother. There is a lots of hope for her. I am a 79 year old male and I was Dx with stomach Cancer in med Nov of 2011. On Nov 30 I had my entire stomach removed, plus 30 Lymps Notes, of which 23 had the cancer. ( Mine had spread outside of my stomach) I went stright to a Surgeron to have it removed, and then to an Encol. for chemo. Yes one can live long without a stomach. I have been cancer free now, and hope to stay that way. I can now eat anything I want, I just have learned which foods that my new system can not handle well, and try to stay away from them.

    Red there is a much better web site for people that have Stomach Cancer then this one. It on Face Book. Just do a friend search for Stomach Cancer Warrers & Caregivers, then ask to join. There you will find  many who are going through what you are and will be glad to help you alone. Regards Robley