Hubby Out Of ICU

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Progressing slowly. The infection source was never found and appears to be gone due to the broad spectrum antibiotics. His WBC was 3.2 yesterday. He's still getting Saline, antibiotics, Neupogen. Still chokes on water & not getting much through his feeding tube. I need to check on that. Can't stand alone & still very weak. Voice is a little better, like laryngitis.

Don't know what the recovery plan is yet. Heading out to the hospital soon for more info.

Luv you guys,



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    Glad you checked in. I know so many have been

    thinking of your husband, you, and your family during this challenging time.  The fact that the infection is gone seems very positive.  Best to you. -- Cynthia

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    Thinking of you.....

    Thanks for checking in....hope he is better today.  Sending positive thoughts~ Ann


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    Running the Gauntlet...

    Just unbelievable stuff you're both dealing with....just hoping that things will stabilize enough for both of you to catch your breath.

    "Mama" you can't keep running at this breakneck speed indefinitely....I would imagine the scales are pretty close to tippin' about now...I know you are his only lifeline and your obligations run deeply...and you're a Texan, so you know the loyalty thing and all:)  But, still I know you're hurtin' and very're putting on your brave face though and soldiering through.

    Strength and Courage always seem to come from doing what we have to do - even when we don't want to have to do it:)

    He is very fortunate to have you advocating for him and taking such a pro-active interest.....of course, his interest is your interest:)

    I guess I just can't wait to hear that there is some stability coming for you both.  He must be totally exhausted all the way around from all of this perpetual change.


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    Dear Wolfen

    Glad to hear that your dear hubby is out of ICU.  I hope that the doctors will be able to get him feeling some better soonest.

    As for you, young lady, be sure to take care of you.  I know that the love you have for hubby drives you to do everything you can, but you must see to your own health as well.

    Praying for you both,

    Marie who loves kitties

    P.S.  Thanks for the birthday wishes.  I had to give up saying I was 39 when my son passed that age.  Now I just claim to be his "younger" sister!  LOL


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    I am glad to hear that he is

    I am glad to hear that he is doing better.  I hope they can get his eating issues sorted out soon so that he can get histrength back and get home to you.


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    Glad that he is better enough to move.  Wishing and hoping that he continues to improve and come home quickly.  Thanks for updating us, know that you are very busy with all that is going on.  Don't forget to take care of yourself too - that's important.


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    Hi Wolfen
    I'm worried about

    Hi Wolfen

    I'm worried about you. All of this stress must be taking a toll. I hope you're looking after yourself. Try not to get too run down. Glad hubby is improving. He has had quite a time of it lately.

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    That is good news.   We are

    That is good news.   We are keeping our prayers for you and your husband for a positive recovery.


    Best Always,  mike

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    Thank goodness he is feeling better and the infection is being beaten back.  You remain in my prayers.



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    Hey there

    updated for keeping us updated!  I'm glad to ahead his infection is gone and he's feeling better.  I hope this finds you taking care of yourself as well.

    hugs, Winter Marie

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    Hey there

    updated for keeping us updated!  I'm glad to ahead his infection is gone and he's feeling better.  I hope this finds you taking care of yourself as well.

    hugs, Winter Marie


    Always in my thoughts and prayers, I think you know that.

    You must look after yourself also, I also have been a care giver for my husbands and it is exhausting.

    I wish you strength( which I understand you have plenty of) and send you  love,

    hugs, Marjan


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    i am glad

    he is out of the icu. prayers for both of you