Diagnosed One Year Ago Today 4/11/2012

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Hi everyone -
It has been 1 year since I had my colonoscopy and dreadful rectal cancer diagnosis. It seems like just yesterday. A lot has changed in this past year - I was working full time, now I'm not - I looked at life a lot different - death was not on my mind at all, now I look at each day like it could be my last. I think I have gone to the bathroom more this past year than I have been my whole life combined, lol. My husband and I are closer than we have ever been. My sister and I have resolved our problems and she has been a huge help when I went through surgery. My anxiety has calmed but I still have fear that it will come back. Things that were a big deal - are just not that important anymore. I hope to see my twins graduate (they are in 10th grade), I hope to see grandchildren (my 29 year old daughter is trying to have a baby), I hope to see my son and his wife have a baby, I hope to have more great years with my husband, he has been my rock through all of this.

Sandy :)
Stage IV


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    One year out sounds wonderful.

    I can imagine the fear of the cancer is always at the back of your mind. Maybe as the years pass, the thoughts will get less. 

    I hope you get to celebrate with your wonderful family. 


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    Is happy anniversary
    Is happy anniversary appropriate to say? Im glad you can find positives that have come out of this...im not there yet! I hope you reach all of those milestones and many more!
    My husband is having the rectal surgery soon...im getting a bit anxious. How tough was recovery?
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    A reason to celebrate

    In. Our house we take any reason to celebrate and this seems good enough. Yes, cancer has had a huge i,pact on your life but as you reflect it is both good and bad. It helps us focus on what isimportant and heal relationships that need to bebetter. Your reflections feel very familiar to me nine years down the track,


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    Congratulations on making it

    Congratulations on making it through your first year. I hope you have many many more aniverseries to celebrate.

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    Congratulations on making it

    Congratulations on making it through your first year. I hope you have many many more aniverseries to celebrate.

    Congrats, Sandy



    Celebrate well!  Thanks for sharing the good news.  It is helpful to hear the hidden blessings...makes me look closer.

    Cathleen Mary


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    you sound like you are


    you sound like you are doing great!  I am so glad that your family is rallying around you and being so supportive.  My husband doesn't like to talk about the "C" very much...but when I get really down or I am faced with an issue or a decision to make he is always there to listen.  He is going to take the day off from work in a few weeks to go to see the specialist in Baltimore.

    May you have many, many more anniverseries And special moments to celebrate with your family.  I too am looking forward to graduations, weddings and grand babies someday...but my kids are a little younger 10 & 12.


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    Most all of us will agree that cancer stinks but many of us have a rough time finding the Silver Lining in the Clouds of Cancer. I did a post a while back asking "Has cancer been all bad for you?" and the majority of the responses were not, how shall I say it... favorable?

    Many people don't realize that cancer or no cancer any day could easily be our last day. People die from accidents all the time. I'm sorry that you're dealing with cancer but I am happy that you too see the bigger picture.

    May you have many more anniversaries Sandy...

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    Yeah Sandy

    Good to hear your good news!!  It had to be a bad year for you!  I had my anniversary in January.  Welcome to the club!!! Let's stay cancerfree.

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    May this be the first of many Anniversaries.....

    You have the right attitude about looking forward to milestones and accomplishments in the future. I am still doing treatments and in the midst of cancer but the last 18 months have been so wonderful! My granddaughter was born a month before diagnosis, and now she says grandma and has me wrapped around her finger. My oldest son got a wonderful job as English dept. head at the local HS, my second son got married, the next two graduated from college, and youngest sons football team won the state championship. All of which I have been here to share. I am so happy that you are doing well and have so much to look forward to......~Ann

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    cancer does change us & we all learn to appreciate some things that before cancer we would not have, or we would not have appreciated to the degree we do now. i am glad you are doing good!!!



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    That first year is the toughest

    You've gained a lot of wisdom and perspective in that year.  So glad family relationships have improved.  Here's hoping you reach all those milestones you strive for .... and more!  My best to you Sandy.


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    A milestone

    Hard to believe a year goes by so fast.  Just think of all you have accomplished!

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    Congrats on your year

    Congrats on your year anniversary!  I'm hoping to be in your shoes in November.  We will all beat this terrible, terrible disease!