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Hello gentlemen:

Well I've just got back from my appointment with the urologist today, and I have my diagnosis.

It's exactly what I believed it would be (for what that's worth!). A Gleason 7 contained cancer, operable. I am attaching a scan of my pathology report for you to see[below].

I've changed my thinking - tentatively - about "REFUSING ALL TREATMENT," based on information the doc has provided me regarding possibliby of aggravation of my pre-existing IBS. He believes he can do a prostatectomy without touching my bowels, therefore leaving my GI tract alone, and assuaging my fears.

As I've already said, I reserve considerable doubts about the things doctors promise, in light of what they often deliver ( the stars vs. the moon metaphor). And I will continue to demand complete control over MY body.

In the weeks before my next exam with the doc ( for a cystocopy ), I'll be studying up, looking for further advice on my prognosis. Your posts will carry much weight in my deliberations, so please DO jump in, your observations will mean a lot to me!


I was glad to see  that this site allows for uploaded images. I just hope the document is legible for you. If it's not clear, please let me know, I'll do some more Photoshop magic on it!

Thanks, all.