Vulvar Dysplasia III


I just received word that I have VIN III. I am afraid. he lesion wil be removed soon and I will be seeing an oncologist soon. The Dr. spoke of reconstructive surgery and all of this is overwhelming. The only comforting words i heard is that I don't have a cancer. But he kept emphasizing how severe the dysplasia was. I'm just numb...don't know what to think. The area affected is my lower left inner labia and the lower entrance to the vagina. He says the lesion has to be removed bu what else do you all think will be removed? OMG I'm just in shock....


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    Be strong

    I hope someone that has had VIN will respond here, but I did have a lesion on the right inner labia that was vulvar cancer, so I have had the surgery to remove it. Every patient is different and how much tissue is removed is dependant on what doctor thinks...that would be an excellent question to ask your oncologist. Yes, it is a scary surgery but you will be able to get through it, you will find support here. Write down any question that pops in your head and take them with you to see doc, then ask your questions and write down what doc says. I am happy for you that it is not cancer, it is important to have this taken care of now before it progresses any further. I wish you the strong!

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    there are several ways to approach this problem

    but the bottom line is, VIN III is better off removed.  Whether that's surgically, by electrodessication, laser or chemical application, it simply needs gone.  Oftentimes surgery is a simple straightforward cure for the problem.  The area you mention  is easily reconstructed at the time of removal.  Generally, the surgery takes far less than an hour and is not disfiguring.  Sore for awhile, yes, but with an excellent cure rate.  Obviously, close follow up will be needed, but remember,  VINIII is NOT cancer.  It is precancer, and as such it can be dealt with simply.



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    How are you doing?

    Hi floots50! I'm new to all of this, but just read your post from2013.  How are you doing? I need to find out more about this DX because I'm dealing with it too as well as possible uterine CA.  I'm awaiting biopsy results.  Please tell me how your doing if you feel like it?