29 months and first hospital overnight

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Well we've been chasing the beast for 29 months now and Monday morning Rog woke up in excruciating pain (first time very scary), and asked to go to the emergency roomCry. In the emergency room they found that his magnesium was .8 and the pain was from inflammation and swelling in his colon.  They decided to put him in the hospital to infuse magnesium, he received 8mg of mag. and 6 mg of potassium and some morphine for his pain.  They released him yesterday, his pain was at a minium and his blood test came back at 2.0 for his magmesium and they will continue to monitor his magnesium levels.  He feels pretty good as of today and ready to take on the world again, me not so much!!!  Wishing you all peace and good health.  Kim


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    Dehydration and lack of

    Dehydration and lack of nutrition are the Cancer Patient's worst enemys.   More complications are from these two things, and both can be soved at home with proper nutrition.  I put myself on the hospital twice for 8 days each over lack of hydration, it is easy to do.


    Nature's Cancer Fighting Foods  - Verne Varona    Ebay or Amazon under $10

    A lot of information in a very easy to read format. Also, logically set up.


    Beating Cancer with Nutrition - Patrick Quilin    Ebay or Amazon less then $10

    More in depth information then the Varona book.  A little more science and good references for you to read the studies yourself.  Probably the best detail and best written book on nutrition that I have read yet. Highly recommended. A little techie in places.  The Varona book is an easier read and had a lot of similar information.


    Juicing will help add micro and macro nutrients that one can not get from pills.  Juicing also tastes good.  Switch gradually to a Med Diet. It is more plant based and less red meat.   If you can skip red meat all together that is even better for you.


    Best Always,  mike

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    29 months and only one night
    29 months and only one night in the hospital. Very impressive! Glad he's home and feeling like his old self.

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    Thanks Mike and Chelsea for

    Thanks Mike and Chelsea for your replies.  Will definately order the nutrition book!!  The Dr. also suggested more protein to help things along.  Still feelin' good today!!Laughing. Kim