**UPDATE: April 10th is last day: Interesting Read - last day for free eBook

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Due to overwhelming response (and a crashed server) it's available until 6 pm EST tonight, April 10th

Free eBook via E-Patient Dave.

The third book by e-Patient Dave, cancer beater, blogger, internationally known keynote speaker and advocate for patient engagement; co-founder and past co-chair of the Society for Participatory Medicine. Profile: www.ePatientDave.com/about-dave

With Dr. Danny Sands; introduction by Eric Topol MD

It’s concise – less than 100 pages – because I want people to READ it. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned about medicine in recent years, it’s this rhyme:

Useful advice

is often concise.

It’s a book of lists:

  • Part 1: Ten Fundamental Truths
  • Part 2: Ten Ways to Let Patients Help
  • Part 3: Tip Sheets

As the subtitle suggests, this book is about partnership between patients and professionals. It tells why it’s valid and important for medicine to listen to patients, with specific how-to’s on making it a reality. A patient engagement handbook.


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    Thank you

    Done. Thanks. Love a free book. 

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    Got it -- hope others did as well. I watched this

    incredible individual give a TED talk this past year about being an engaged patient.  Maybe I can find a link.  

    Best, Cynthia

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    Thank you...just got it!

    Thank you...just got it!


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    It's been extended to tonight, 6 pm, EST