Orphaned by cancer = Let's talk, connect, and support each other!

j587 Member Posts: 5

Hi, My name is Jewel and I lost my mom, my only parent, to ovarian cancer in 2008, when I was only 20 years old. It has been soo difficult going through life as an orphan, especially when I am still young and in a time (college) when most college students and most of my peers still rely heavily on their parents. 

I was too overwhelmed and shocked when my mom first passed away to really even navigate support groups, but I would like to make some friends on here for support and friendship. I'm totally cool with just messaging on here, but hopefully if you want to actually have a friend who's gone through this we can exchange emails if you are comfortable or Facebook or something. 

Has anyone else been orphaned by cancer at a young age, or had a parent get cancer at a young age? Or just been orphaned or had to deal with cancer in general? Please share your experiences and coping strategies, and if you want to talk to me personally or connect send me a message!