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Hi all,

As of May 3rd, I am a one year breast cancer survivor. Yay! DONE forever...   Having said that, I have an issue that I'm hoping isn't a symptom. I've had bowel habit changes for quite a few months and increasingly, but still intermittently flattened stools on one side. Is that something I should be concerned about? I SO don't want to mention it to my oncologist if it's nothing. I'm trying to walk away from cancer, shaking it off forever. I'm sure you can all relate. I appreciate any advice. 

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    Hi Victoria Happy for you

    Hi Victoria


    Happy for you on the breast issue. as for your present concern, I have no certain knowledge. However, you should google IBS (irritable Bowl Syndrom) first, and then check this site:


    I am sure others have better knowledge and will be adding their expertise and experience, if any.


    My advice: talk to your oncologist. Serious issues are curable when detected at their early stages. If not serious, you will get a peace of mind.


    Wish you all the best, and hope your concern is baseless.



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    Better safe than sorry ...

    Better safe than sorry ... Run it by your doctor.  He might want to send you for a colonoscopy. ...Alex