Mass 2cm on Lung....removed 4-4-13 came back possitive for cancer...BUT I NEVER SMOKED

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I am scared out of my mind and not sleeping. Doctors not sure whats going on yet because Ive lead such a heathy life.....need support please. Judy devoted mom to Jace 8 years old


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    So sorry that you are going

    So sorry that you are going through this, as a mom with young kids your devastation and fear must be horrible.  Unfortunately, 20 % of lung cancers occur in never smokers. There are so many environmental factors that contribute to lung cancers.  Because you are a non smoker most doctors would not even bother to look for lung cancer.  

    Please know that this Is NO LONGER A DEATH SENTENCE.  Because you are A nonsmoker there are a couple of different medications that you may be able to take that prevent the cancer from growing and can even cause it to shrink without having full fledged chemo.  The cancer comes about because of mutations in the cell.    There are medications that work because they cause the mutated cells to stop reproducing.   Most notably Tarceva and Xalkori.  your doctor should have had the biopsy sample tested for the EGFR and ALK mutations at the very least.  Do you know if he did this and what the results were?

    This only works if the type of cancer is adenocarcinoma.  is that what they diagnosed?  Did they remove the cancer as a wedge or a lobectomy?