4cm X 4cm X 4cm lung tumor metastasised to the l4 vertebrae,left adrenal and liver

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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share my dads story "he is 57 years old ,weighing 62kgs "now 55 kgs after his stent implants",been a smoker since the age of 15, but did use to smoke more then 7 cigs everyday after the age of 40, now he has been off smoking for 5 weeks" regarding his cancer. everything started 6 mnths ago, "october 2012"  when his back started hurting, went did an MRI and blood tests, everything seemed normal, he was diagnosed with a bulged disc in his l5 s1 vertebrae . dr's prescribed him anti inflammatory and pain killers which didnt help much,so after 6 months being on pain killers and "living his life normally" going out , walking, working out , working, he decided to go  for an epidorel injections to help ease his pain, he did two injections in a two weeks time, which also didnt help. 


so he kept going on profinid then  diclo neurobion pain killers  untill 3 weeks from today, he started vomiting non stop. so me and sister  decided to take him to the ER, where they told us, he has two blocked arteries and having minor strokes"reason for his non stop vomiting" and needed three stent inplants.

Dr's told us he needed an angioplasty operation for him,we agreed all went fine. kept him in the hospital for another 5 days so they would run full tests on his heart , all his tests came out crystal clean, and his heart arteries and his heart were great, all except for his back pain,which more then 4 doctors assured us his back pain was from a herniated/bulged disc. abnd kept telling us he should stay on antiinflammatory and pain killers.

so i brought him home, he was getting better and better but his back was getting worst. so decided to take him to an orthopedic "bone/back doctor" , he looked at the mri that dad made before his stent implants and told us that his l4 vertebrae doesnt look right and he need to transfer us to an oncologist and that he will be needing a ct scan. "mri was out of question because the stents are metalic and the mri machine is a huge magnet".


Anyways we did the ct scan last wednesday  and was waiting for the result that would come on friday. friday afternoon i got the dreaded news. sister met with his doctor , he said the cancer originated in his right lung, was 4 X 4 X 4 cm , and has jumped into his back l4 vertebrae forming an 8mm tumor.


Dr. told us he will start radiation therapy for 10sessions ,10 minutes everytime, monday to friday this week ,then resting saturday and sunday, then another monday to friday radiation therapy next week. a total of 10. and they will be giving dad calcium injections that stregthen the bones. he said after the radiation therapy if all goes well, he should be living a clean life, would have an estimate life span of 14month to 3 years, maybe 5. but no one would know. every body responds differintley  to treatment. so hope he stays with us more then that.


so am praying to god ,day and night asking for his mercy.thats he makes dad get better.

Anyways keeping  high hopes.


For everyone, always keep very strong spirit, itll help your loved one and yourself, no matter how hard it will show, but things will become better.


Stay strong and Thanks everyone