Any lung issues after port placement?


Had port placed on the 2nd and have started noticing over the past couple of days when I cough my lungs hurt.  Has anyone else had this problem?


  • Trubrit
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    So close

    The port is placed so close to the outside I can't imainge how it would effect your lungs. The surgery itself may have bumped your lungs and caused some kind of trauma. 

    I would definitely suggest talking to your surgeon.

    When I first got diagnosed, I was reluctant to talk to my surgeon, money you know, it s an issue. Then I realized that I would be in debt for years in any case, so why not one more appointment. 

    I list EVERY concern I have and my Doctors listen. 

    I hated my port for about a month, now I consider it my friend; especially when I see the patients with IV's and shot veins. 

    Keep us informend. 

  • Coloncancerblows
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    I've never experienced

    I've never experienced anything like that.  For the most part, I don't even notice the port being there.

  • Deena11
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    Never heard of this

    Nope.  Never heard of this.  Definitely contact the surgeon.  Good luck!

  • devotion10
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    Not familiar with this but wondering if you may be having

    sensitivity from the procedure as it heals ... it has only been five days. Is the feeling that your lungs hurt possibly referred pain?  Another thought is that you may be having some muscle pain.  When my husband's port was inserted they placed some type of foam pad under his shoulder and upper back on the side they were placing the port so as to elevate the area for better access.  We learned of this after the surgery from the nurse when he complained of a soreness in the muscles on that side.  Just some ideas.  How are you doing otherwise? -- Best, Cynthia