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Not really sure of the protocol – if this should be a new thread or if I should have continued with my other post – if the later, sorry!


Results of today’s Dr. appt. :

1)      The “mass” is almost as big as (looked bigger to me but Hey ( Duck Dynasty ref.) )my kidney 

2)      MRI scheduled for next week (Wed.) to determine malignancy.

3)      Follow up with Dr. the week following (Tues.) to discuss plan of action.

a.       If malignant – remove entire kidney

                                                               i.      Other stuff that comes along with this diagnosis – we'll cross that bridge IF we come to it!

b.      If benign – spare as much kidney as possible

c.       Schedule Surgery

                                                               i.      Unless serious – I assume that means life threatening - issue is found the surgery will most likely be in approximately 4 weeks from this date.

4)      That gives a total time of about 6 weeks from now until this 'oddly shaped tennis ball' is out of me


It was kind of funny because I told him we could just skip the MRI step and take the whole thing tomorrow lol I only need one right? I’d be cool with only one kidney!  (I was just joking) And he looked at me for a minute and said, “well…… (then he realized I was kidding- I have a twisted sense of humor sometime I guess…) if you were older I’d say ok, but you’ve got a long way to go and since you have problems this young let’s try and keep as much spare parts around that we can, if we can” lol


I don’t know what other people’s timelines were like, but I’m ok with this. Especially since that means the surgery will most likely be after finals week. (on top of being a mom of 2, I’m also a full time student, and teach Business Statistics Supplemental Instruction at the University )


Even though I’m no wiser than I was this morning, I feel so much better knowing that something is happening. I don’t want to say I feel vindicated but at least I know I’m not a paranoid crazy lady lol Something is there and it's got to go!


Thanks again for all your input/advice/good wishes! I cope by talking and even though I have an amazing husband and great friends,  it’s good to know that I have one more place to talk – and to talk to people who  not just sympathize with but know what I'm feeling.



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    Sounds to me like your doc

    Sounds to me like your doc knows what he is doing. He really seems to have your future in his thoughts. Hang in there MeMe!

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    hi memejoy,
    yes you are right

    hi memejoy,

    yes you are right they are doing something and i felt the same as you...just get this bad boy outta me and please do it NOW.  its good that they are talking options to you and ultimately they will do what is right for your situation.  this really is a tough road and journey..it is not easy but you will get through it and if you are anything like me surprise yourself when its all over!!  concentate on getting well and the rest will follow...college will always be there and maybe talk to them and explain your situation and maybe they can do something for you!!  thinking of you.

    eims x

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    Hi Meme,

    I waited four weeks to have my op, I had the top of my right kidney removed by robotic surgery. I am eleven days post op and doing well. Like you I felt much better when there was a plan of action to focus on, it is very important to see a way of moving forward in a positive way.

    All the very best to you.