no side effects after 4th cycle

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my dad has his 4th cycle infusion 21st march...avastin was also added from this cycle.he is taing xeloda now but surpringly he has had almost zero side effects. 


There has been no loosies, no loss of appetite, no bad taste in mouth, no irritability .


has anyone had same absence of side effects so far into the chemo ?


  • Chelsea71
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    How nice that he is
    How nice that he is tolerating it so well. My husband did not experience any side effects at that point. Hair started to thin, but that was it. He does Folfiri. Even now, the side effects are quite minimal. He has done 24 sessions. If he refuses his decadron (steroid), he will feel nauseous. This time he took the steroid and was fine. Glad all is well for your Dad.

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    no side effects

    beyond light chemo brain.  34 months straight.