our journey through " synovial sarcoma " !

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my sons painful journey through cancers eyes !

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Thu, 04/04/2013 - 12:17pm — laurie58

my son is only 37 , his life took a dramatice change on august 17th 2011 when he was in severe pain on his left side and had lost 25 lbs i took him in and they did a chest ex-ray thats when they found  a mass in the center of his chest  it was 20x20 in centimeters ! the doctor at brayn west here in licnoln , ne took it out with claer margins and said that this tumor was attached to all his vital organs !  he went through 6 months of chem which was very hard on his body they were giving him 2 different kinds of chemo drugs at the same time !  he was in and out of the hospital quit a bit 5 days of intense chemo  for 6 months ! he was feeling better after the treatments his hair started to come back in was putting on some weight and looking actually pretty good ! and then with in 6 months he was not feeling well i took him back in and they did a pt scan and told us that the cancer was back ! very devastated  at the time of this grim  news ! so tim had to go through another round of chemo again because " synovial sarcoma " decided to turn its ugly head once again and decided to attack my sons lungs the radiologists said their were too mant tumors to count around his lungs and in side also !   after another intense treatment they did another pt scan and said that the tumors had shrunk !   and then months later again he was not feeling well and was having pain on his left side where these tumors were one was 5 centimeters and the other was 13 centimeters so he is on chemo again this time votrient its a pill form i hope and pray to god that this drug will shrink his tumors down he was in the process of trying to get into a clinical trail in omaha , ne ! when we took him in they said that he could not go throught with this clinical trial because his bellirubin was too high and his kidneys were giving him problems so we elected to go with the chemo pill hoping that it will do its job then maybe a clinical trial soon !  he will see his onocologists today at 1:00 they will probably do another  pt scan to see if this drug is working ! please pray for my precious son he has so much more years to live this cancer is so rare that only 800 other people get this cancer in the chest !  synovial sarcoma is a hrad demon to beat with chemo and radiation and likes to come back  over and over ! may god spare my sons life  ! i love him so much and i never thought at 35 , he would be struck dwon by cancer at such a young age !  we live here in lincoln , ne  if anyone would like to send him a card with your  moral support that would be great he lives with us his parents at  2521 nth 9 th st apt 218  lincoln ,ne 68521 in care of tim parker or laurie parker ! thank you for taking the time to read my story about my beautiful son timothy r. parker ! god bless you all .......  my goal through this very painful and difficult  journey is to let others know about   this very rare cancer that can sneak up on you with maybe a suttle symptoms that you would not think much of and then when you do go in its too late !  more research for all cancers ! 


                                                                                                          grieving mother ,


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    Laurie58 thanks for sharing.

    Laurie58 thanks for sharing..I pray things have turned out well for your son! I friggin hate cancer