To the Caregivers

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To all the Caregivers on this site..

I wish you all the strength, courage, and fight..


You help your loved one with their Cancer

Even though there is not always an answer...


Your comments and questions help us all

You are all Angels with mercy and yet have gaul..


You help more here than just that one you love..

For those of us that do not have a person like you...

I (we) share in your posts and it helps (me) us too...


You are Angels that help... one and all...

Bless you Caregivers... without you, we would surely fall...




  • cmmesh
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    That’s nice! My husband newly diagnosed with stage 2b small cell lung cancer. I am trying not to control him but I want him to try everything to get better. he won’t drink green tea, quit drinking coke, won’t go for walks, try clean eating. He just started getting headaches. This is so hard. He vaped the other day! I feel like it’s my fault he’s not trying harder like I need to give him more inspiration to want to be in this world so he tries harder!

  • Mmoses25
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    To my wife who is my caregiver I have stage 3 and Ned for almost 2years she has giving me strength and courage she has put up with my worrying and my fearful days she’s my angel with out her I would have given up she knows. When my scans are coming up every three months she calms my fear I just wanted to thank her for being there for me I love her more then words can express

  • cmmesh
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    Thank you for sharing . I hope I can provide that same strength, courage and comfort to my husband!