Side affects

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 I made a huge mistake and chose to have Radiation treatment in Kentucky near my home. I choose SBRT Radiation but I received IMRT Radiation instead. After choosing SBRT I was asked if I would like to participate in a study to evaluate the use of 5 or 12 treatments of Radiation. I accepted and signed the forms. I didn't realize I was receiving IMRT until I walked into the treatment room and observed a TOMA unit in the room. I was randomly chosen to receive the 5 treatments. Well I received the 5 treatments and completed the last one on March 18th 2012. Well I have been in pain and bleeding from my Bowl ever since. I feel like I have been burned from the inside out. I continue to work daily but I have been forced to run to the bathroom at work constantly. I have urgent feelings like I am going to defecate in my pants all the time. When I do get to the Bathroom mostly just blood comes out. My Wife wisely made me go to the Doctor Yesterday and my blood pressure was very high and I had the shakes. I was given pain medication and a suppository which has helped immensely. I still have the urges but the pain is less. I had decided I wanted Proton beam radiation right away and I even called several people that had had the Proton treatment. I was convenienced. My problem was I couldn't afford to leave work for two Months and pay rent out of state. So I made a huge mistake I hope I don't have to pay a high price for the rest of my life.


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    Max, I'm so sorry this has ended up badly for you.  Having had SBRT myself, I have experienced none of the issues you describe.  Could you elaborate more on the study that you participated in and what your initial diagnosis in terms of PSA, Gleason score, stage, and so forth?

    Tomography and IMRT are inherently less accurate than SBRT and side effects to the bowel is not uncommon, particularly if they are doing a whole course of treatment in only five sessions with IMRT that is normally given in 30 or more.  

    Any more information you could share would be greatly appreciated.

    I do hope your side effects diminish quickly.





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    The guy's all or most have had some form of Radiation treatment, if the doctor is not a specialist with PC. Then they will do what we did in Vietnam " burn and destory", make sure your doctor is Quailfy with PC. PC= prostate cancer

    What kind of treatment was the radiation ? That was your Psa and Gleasons scores??????????????????

    Th radiation treatment will cause bleeding and discomfort' . There is thing you can do to help your bleeding problem and one is stay off that motorcycle. Eat softer diet's and hope you have good doctor!

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    Side affects

    8.1 PSA Biopsy 12 samples 2 positive with a score of 6. Paticipated in a study RTOG-0938 A Randomized Phase II Trial of Hypofractionated Radiotherapy for Favorable Risk Prostate Cancer IRB#12=0473-F1V

    Side affects are getting worse. Begged Doctor to see me 5 days ago. Gave me pain killer and suppository (Canasa) Pain going in the wrong direction

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    Treatment Outcomes


    I am sorry to read about your nasty experience with RT. I hope you get better and that you receive a complete bill of success regarding cure.

    I wonder what are the results of the trial and how did other patients fair with regards to the side effects and treatment outcome. Have you discuss with your doctor about the conditions of other patients?

    I am not so sure if you really would have a different experience, if instead of IMRT you had proton or SBRT. You may be very sensitive to high doses of radiation so that the hypofractionated radiotherapy would not be proper to your case.

    Have they run any tests on you for preparations? Have you ever checked for ulcerative colitis?

    The study you were involved was planned for 36.25 Gy in total (approximately 7.25 Gy per section).  Here is the link with details;


    Best wishes for complete recovery.