need info on hipec?

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i had hipec feb 26, 2013 & if anyone wants info, i will be willing to try to answer any questions.  just pm me.



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    I will find out the last week

    I will find out the last week of April when my HIPEC surgery will be.  They are hoping that I will have enough shrinkage to have the surgery.   I am glad it went well for you!  It is encouraging for the rest of us.


    I am sure many will want to hear your experience. I would love to know the recovery times, compared to other surgeries, was it  more difficult, less difficult, etc...


    Best Always,  mike


    PS  Thanks for Sharing!

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    I have had a meeting with a surgeon who feels that I am a good candidate for Hi-Pec due to a small peritoneal implant in my omentum. This appears to have been brought on by Colon cancer.

    I have read some regarding this procedure and quite frankly it can be a little overwhelming. The fact that clinical trials and double blind studies have not been conducted gives one pause, however the procedure does seem logical in its conception. Among the things that I have read regarding this is that there is frequently a three week recovery time in the hospital and there is a rather high morbidity rate. My surgeon informed me that the procedure for me would use a closed application of the warmed chemo rather than applying the chemo with my abdominal cavity completely exposed. Catheters would be installed through my abdominal wall and then chemo would be circulated into and out of the abdominal cavity after I have been closed. The claim here is that it significantly reduces morbidity rates and generally requires only about a 1 week hospital stay post surgery.

    If you feel comfortable telling me, please let me know how you proceded and what the advice of your doctor was. I would also be interested in whether you had your procedure done in the US and was it on the west coast or east coast.

    How has recovery been since you came home?

    I have many more questions but I do not want to overburden you.

    I hope that you are recovering well and that you and your family are dealing with the emotional rollercoaster in a positive way.

    I have said a prayer for you and hope that this cancer will soon be nothing more than a distant memory for you.