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Had my follow up exam with my colorectal surgeon yesterday two months out from treatment.  The doc said he cannot see or feel the tumor.  Very good news indeed!  I was stage 1 when this all started and he will follow up with the digital exams every three months for two years and then on to every six months up to five years.  He said my oncologist would do a ct scan after one year.  I was wondering if that is pretty standard for my early stage?  I was nervous about them not doing a ct scan on top of the digital and visual exams, but the doctor explained that at my age (49) they don't want to to put me thru unnecessary xrays as they want to keep me as healthy as possible as they expect me to be around a while.  I think she said the ct scans are equal to 500 xrays if I heard right.  Crazy! That made me feel better.  


  • RoseC
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    So glad to hear your good news.

    I had a catscan six months out but I had other issues that might have necessitated it. I was stage 2, no node involvement.

    Stay well - congratulations again!

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    Great news, Pam
    I am so happy for your great recovery! The new protocols and stnadards do not include scans for stage 1 and 2 anal cancer. The risk of harm from scans has recently been shown to be far greater than expected. Sounds like your doctors are up to date on surveillance.

    Enjoy your good news!
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    Great news!  I'm so happy for you!

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    great news.....  docs are being more careful with ct scans..... even tho the nccn guidelines seem to have changed about the scans,  i still get one per year and i was stage 2, no nodes, no metastisis,  ...i did get 2 per year in the early years ... i am almost 4 years post tx.....  congrats again.... great news.....sephie