New Here..Dx'd with VIN iii and ???

Hello, I've got 2 + biopsies back with VIN iii and they are pretty far apart.  So gyno is sending me to be "mapped"?  With more biosies from a gyno onco.  And I've called for another gyno onco opinion too.  It's been crazy and I itch all over down there.....  So I'm worried that I've got this stuff all over!  I'm freaking out.  I feel so badly for my husband...  we are just about to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, huh what a present...  I also have an autoimmune disease so I'm on immune suppresive meds....don't know how that all plays into this either... 

Doc's don't know if it's already cancer or not, guess I will have to wait and see what the additional biopsies say. 


Any help, support or words of advice are appreciated cuz I'm really scared.  I don't know if I can do this.


Thank you




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    Trixi23 how are you?

    I know your post was March of last year but I'm learning I have some possible extensive cancer that might involve more then my uterus!  Possibly cervical, vaginal & vulva intraepithelial neoplasia 3 to those areas but I'm awaiting biopsy results of all areas. How are you doing? I'm new to all of this! It's so hard waiting for results!