Femoral bruit caused by radiation therapy?

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Does anyone have knowledge of this topic?


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    Never heard of it


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    Its so ironic that you mention this. I first heard of this just a few days ago when mentioned by sort of a friend of a friend. I believe it has to do with irregular blood flow in arteries in the abdomen, pelvic, or groin area. It could, though may not, be a sign of some sort of blockage or clot, but don't quote me.

    I guess if you think about it, it makes sence that it would be related to pelvic radiation. I'll be interested to learn more.

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    Raising My Hand, Angela:)

    I actually have this condition, Angela. 

    They call it Avascular Necrosis...mine is in the femoral head on both hips. 

    What it actually is is the lack of blood flow to the joints - which results in death of the joint itself over time.  The only cure I've seen results in hip replacement.  Medical community is reticent to begin hip replacements at 50, because at this time, they have to be replaced many times in a person's life.  They don't want you to get there at that early of an age, unless it is medically necessary.

    Now, as to the causes....

    I've got two of them...not surprisingly RADIATION and CHEMO ring in at #1 and #2 respectively. 

    For me, I know it is the radiation that caused it...it was nearly 9-years ago and I suffer with it more everyday.  I remember the discussion the docs told me about the long-term effects and that if you survived cancer, then the fallout and calamity of treatments would eventually catch up to you.

    That's a subject we don't talk too much about...but I plan to, when I make my 9-year mark this June:)

    Bottom line for me, my last report shows the femoral damage "Stable." 

    That's a good thing...I know somewhere I'll have to address this issue if I'm going to stay mobile in the long run.  With no more radiation in the hips, that would leave chemo to do damage.  I suspect that the 51x treatments of chemo I've done played a role I'm sure. 

    But the heavy hitter was radiation for sure...I took 25 rounds. 

    They hit me in the small of my back too....in the sacral area....I now suffer from degenerative spine as well...that was from radiation as well.....they were hitting me in both hips and up the tailpipe and up the small of my back. 

    Think of sitting back against an upraised toilet seat.....it would be from the start of your butt up nearly halfway up the back. 

    From what I've read, these things don't get better...I'm pretty stiff and hurt all the time....try and stay as limber as I can move...and I'm real careful about what I lift and how I turn and move. 

    Well, that's my take on it.  I saw your post and just wanted to come over and talk to you:)

    -Craig (just a little north of San Angelo)