Uterine Adenosarcoma - found during 2nd opinion - Need advice, please!

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I wrote about a month ago regarding my mom's chemotherapy treatment for uterine carcinosarcoma (MMMT). Several members replied that carbo/taxol was the standard treatment they were given, and suggested I get a second opinion for my mother when her doctor suggested a different regime. I followed the advice, went for a second opinion, and the doctor agreed with the advice of the members and we are in the middle of the carbo/taxol treatment. However, as a result of that second opinion, we also found out that the cancer was misdiagnosed. It is not carcinosarcoma but rather ADENOSARCOMA. After doing all my research on the former, I do not know much about this type of cancer. Can anyone please help me understand the difference - prognosis, aggressiveness, is it treated differently?

Thank you, again, so much!


  • Alexandra
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    Hello Linda,

    You will get better reponse if you re-post on uterine board. Good luck to your mom.