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Hello again, my mom  started her chemo of carboplatin and Alimta. I was curious who out there has used this combo and what were your experiences with it? Also, i read that chemo in stage iv patients only extends life by weeks? is that true? I wouldnt think it could be considering there are many people with advanced cancer living for years.. I just want some straight answers from someone about this. My mothers doctor (although the best in town) has not been very helpful in offering info at this point and my Mom I think is reluctant to ask questions right now. Is it worth all the side effects if it only extends life by weeks?? Anyones advice, comments..etc are greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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    In my case the chemo has

    In my case the chemo has prolonged my life for two years more than estimated and I am still going strong, showing no signs of slowing down.  I had cisplatin which is a much harsher chemo agent.   Expect that the taste buds will change. Buy plastic forks and spoons to cut back on metallic taste.   Hydration is very important.  Also don't forget to take the steroids to help witty nausea.  

    There are people who contribute here only occasionally because they are busy out living their lives with their cancer.  Many surviving ten and fifteen years.