First Blood Tests Post Everolimus Good News

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I had my first blood tests after being on everolimus (or placebo) since starting the drug trial 6 weeks ago. Everything was normal. Before the blood tests I was pretty sure I was on the real drug and not placebo. All the tests were so normal, that I'm less certain now.

My creatinine had dropped down to 1.53. It was 1.9 post nephrectomy. I'm fairly happy with that number. They were a little concerned about removing my right kidney because my left kidney was quite a bit smaller and there was some uncertainty whether it could pick up the slack. It appears to be doing ok. Glad for that.

When I started the study, I knew being on placebo was a distinct possibility. I wasn't even sure whether to hope I got the drug or the placebo. Also, if disease does happen to progress (knocking on wood), they will unblind me from the study so I'll know my treatment options.

If I'm on the drug, it appears the side effects are fairly minor. That's good too.

So all around good news to report.

I've been travelling in Oklahoma visiting my family. I wanted to go see my mom, dad, brother, sister and a favorite aunt. I live in California and only get out here about once a year. Usually I do all the driving to see them. This time they drove to Tulsa to see me. They are getting up there in years and all have health issues. After they drove in, I wish I had done the driving. Even though I had cancer, I still seem to be healthier than they are. Next time I'll do the driving.

The weather in Tulsa has been unbelievable. Snow yesterday and temperatures in the low 30's. I thought if I waited until after the first day of spring it would be nice here. Wrong. It amazes me how bad I am at predicting these kinds of things even after 50 years!



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    Pleased and relieved to hear your good news, Todd.  I wouldn't have gone for the trial, in your shoes, and I expressed the hope previously that you would end up on the placebo with all the benefits of the trial and none of the downside. 

    It sounds to me as if you've come up lucky that way and it will be very interesting to learn which arm you're in - but I hope that won't be before the trial has run its course for you!!

  • garym
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    Good news indeed!!

    Hi Todd,

    Seems like a win win to me.  If you are on the drug and you continue to tolerate it this well then you couldn't ask for anything better.  If you're taking the placebo and aren't revisited by RCC that's greart too and in the meantime you'll be monitored more closely with very early detection "IF" it does come back.  Had I been in your situation I'm not sure what choice I would have made, you did the research and made the choice that was right for you and I'm happy for your results.  I imagine your family is quite proud of you, I know I would be.

    Keep it up,