Questions about cytoxan/taxotere side effects

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I just recently had my second rebound of cytoxan/taxotere. I was pretty out of it with my first round.  This One seems to have gone better - fewer nerves, I think.  However, I am having some pretty major hot flashes. Normal???  I'm also having a hard time finding anything to drink that tastes good. I'm month a big sweet drinker, so I think that's hurting me. Amity suggestions?


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    Try a sprinkle of Crystal Light

    Hello and welcome!

    I did 4 rounds of T/C back in 2009.  I didn't have hot flashes during chemo, but have heard that's it's pretty common.

    I sometimes got the metallic taste in my mouth so bad that anything I drank tasted like sucking on a piece of metal.  What really helped me was Crystal Light -- I don't like the taste of it full-strength, but just a sprinkle of it in plain water really helped cut the metallic taste, and didn't taste overly sweet.  Give it a try -- and check out the drink-mix aisle in general -- now, they have more flavors, as well as liquid drink enhancers (like Mio).  Try a few flavors until you find one that tastes good to you.

    Good luck!