Kind of awesome...crowd-sourcing cancer research.

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Thought this might be of interest to some folks here.  Scientists in the UK have created a website for crowd-sourcing the analysis of slides of cancerous tissue.  They are hoping that a cure might be found by harnessing the eyes of people around the world.  New stars have been found by amateur astronomers using this method, so who knows...maybe a cure will be developed by people taking a break from funny dog videos to search out canceroue cells.  I've linked the "About" page...take a look and see what you think!  AA


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    You both are great ... I wish I had the time and the

    experience to research and study exciting and innovative ideas like this. 

    For some reason it made me think of those incredible flash mobs that will take place in a train station, a shopping mall, an outdoor plaza ... where one person will beginning singing the Sound of Music or some other great song and slowly, slowly, one-by-one, others will join in until it is this one incredible joyous unifying and powerful voice.

    Somehow it relates for me ....think of how when many separate and distinct voices (or researchers) join together how powerful it could be?

    Thank you for sharing this.  -- Cynthia

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    It is awesome

    and so are sites like that allows patients to track their treatment experience with others of the same condition and also that wants to put everyones medical records online and mine the data.

    Imagine how fast research would go if these 3 sites were used as much as youtube.