Wish I had your support

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It's been 8 years since my grandmother passed away from colon cancer and boy could I use her support now more than ever. My father was diagnosed last week with cancer of the esophagas and now they have found 3 more areas of concern in his pancreas, kidneys, and rectum.

I remember what if felt like to watch my grandmother wither away, and I just don't know if I can ever prepare myself to watch that happen to my daddy. No one ever thinks they will be faced with the possibility of loosing a parent when they, themselves, are still so young. I never thought I would be only 25 and having to turn into a caretaker for my dad when I still need him to take care of me.

Wishing my beautiful grandmother were still here to give me strength like she so frequently did. Miss you more everyday and you are always in my thoughts,

"Que Sera Sera - Whatever will be will be"




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    I sometimes wonder how it's

    I sometimes wonder how it's humanly possible to go thorugh such hardships, but those who do grow and become stronger. Its truly just isn't fair. Focus on the here and now. I hope your dad beats the heck out of cancer. People do EVERY DAY. Many prayers for you.