blood in urine

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It is just over one year since I finished IMRT prior to which I had TURP. )TURP  is transurethal resection of the prostate. Which I had for very enlarged prostate).  I have had no  problems until to-day when I passed urine there was blood first then clear. This frightened me since I have never had this happen before. Could it be long term effects of IMRT or TURP.


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    Scar tissue

    Most probably it is a cause from scar tissue. This is typical in radiation therapies and reported frequently by RT patients.

    In any case you better get the opinion from your RO.





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    See Other Thread

    There's another thread currently running on this topic.  I just posted an update on my status w/a blood in the urine problem there.  Look here if you want to see what has been said there: