Celebrating one year survival since recurrence & chemo

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I almost titled this Celebrating One Year NED but stopped myself since I have had two "scares" in the last year where something appeared on a scan that they at first thought was cancer (and the last one is not 100 percent resolved as it may be a new met or it may be new scar tissue formation from my liver resection, depending on which radiologist is reading it).

Still, it seems with the arrival of spring, the first spring in four years that I have not been --1. getting diagnosed with colon cancer 2. trying to recover from a very rough colon resection experience 3. being diagnosed with a recurrence due to mets in liver and having a liver resection 4. getting through months of chemo -- some sort of milestone and celebration should be marked in my life. 

Spring begins and for once I feel good and I am not in active treatment. 

As we all know, moments like this can pass all too quickly, so we should honor them and celebrate them and express our gratitude for the life we still have.

Thank you to all of you who have inspired me and cheered me and educated me with your words and posting of research and cancer news and your personal stories the past three years since I joined the board.  I am very grateful for your support and think of you all even when I am not reading and posting since like others I often have to take a break, and always worry when signing back on after my break for fear that we have lost another friend.

Not only have I not experienced a spring NED the last four years but I have not experienced a summer NED.  My next scans are in May, and it won't be until then that this "Thing" that is maybe scar tissue and maybe a new met, may reveal itself for what it truly is, but until then I am free to claim my spring and enjoy it and not have to spend every single week going to medical appointments.

Again, thanks all for your support throughout my journey.



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    I say celebrate..


    I say celebrate.. every minute, hour, day, week, month, year is more than others can even dream of.. so celebrate..!!!

    I may not be clean but I am 2 years out of retal cancer and 7 years from thyroid cancer and I have not a complaint.. I thank the lord every night for the day I had and every morning that I woke up and ask for another day to be grateful for.

    Never be regretful for rejoycing in survival..


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    Claim your spring

    If nothing else, we've learned to appreciate each day, haven't we?  Congratulations on reaching this spring.  Enjoy!

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    That's wonderful!

    It's a perfect time of year to celebrate a new phase of the journey, however long it lasts.  We all know that in the world of cancer (and in the world of being alive in general, really) there are no givens, so all the more reason to have that celebration while we have the opportunity!  Sending hope your way that the May scan will give you the all clear, and that you can then really enjoy your summer.  Keep us posted!  Ann Alexandria

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    Claim your spring and enjoy

    Claim your spring and enjoy it. We should claim and enjoy every good moment that we have.

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    Who Put the S in K?


    Hope and Spring go together, don't they?

    I guess Hope Springs Eternal after all:)

    I'm taking this Spring myself...first one in over a decade now...lots of work and stuff to be attended to while our weather cooperates.

    I'll see you, Special:)


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    We like NED here a lot!!  Hope he stays with you for good this time!!  Smile

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    Congratulations. I'm very
    Congratulations. I'm very happy for you.

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    Happy for you

    Hello k1,

    I am so happy to hear that you are expecting to have a great Spring. My wish is for you is a good Summer, Fall, etc. for many, many years to come.Thanks for the update.

    BTW- I decided to do as you have done. I bought a new bed! I am sleeping on a cloud now Laughing

    Best wishes always K.


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    Definately celebrate...

    I celebrated my 2nd year NED last May by planting a pink rosebush in front of my porch. That rosebush grew the biggest roses I had ever seen last summer!! I have decided to plant one every year the last week of May. I think Im going to change the meaning to celebrating my being "alive" instead of being NED, though. Have fun and enjoy!!