Capsular Contracture

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Its been one year since I had a bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstruction with expanders and then saline implants.  Now I've been diagnosed with capsular contracture and am being told that I only have two options - go to a pain management doctor and try to deal with the pain or just have the implants removed for good.  I've had a second opinion with a new plastic surgeon and he is saying the same thing.  Help!  Has anyone else had this?  I hate living with the constant pain and tightness but I'm just not willing to have these implants removed after going through all the surgeries to have them.  I just don't know that I could deal with that emotionally.  I've just started going to yoga in hopes that might help some.  Would love to hear from anyone that has ideas or suggestions.


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    I am so sorry that this has

    I am so sorry that this has happened.  I did read on here where a pinkie, I can't remember her name, did have her implants removed as a result of the pain.  If I remember who it is, I will let you know.

    Is there any alternative?  I hope the yoga helps you.


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    My dr told me that he wants to remove them and clean out the pocket and put the implants back in.  Mine isn't that bad right now so I am not going to do anything about it now.  I have started going to see a PT and she is massging the breast and it is feeling a little better.  I still have pain but it isn't as bad as it was.  I am also taking some pain medicine which is helping to dull the pain!  I wish I had known about all the possiblilities! I may of not done the reconstruction but that is easy to say now that I am on the other side!  Alot of my pain they think is from radiation damage.  They haven't ruled out the idea of a metatsis as the casue of pain.  I will know more this week!  I had a scan last Friday and see the dr on Monday.  Hopefully he will have the results!  Marianne