new here/tounge cancer

squiggyrn Member Posts: 10

Hi my name is mike I was diagnous with tounnge cance 5-16-12 I have gone thru my treatments and have had 2 neg pet scans. But evere day I live with the after effects of the cancer, have had oral infections from yeast one after another, still have edama in my neck , and trouple swollowing at times. I know that these effects are short term, but food just does not sound good to me most of the time. I also returned to work and found out that I was having a hard time doing the 12 hours that is required of my job, and was offered another that requires me to go back to school for my bsn. I feel like a scared little boy at times i have support from all over yet I don't want the changes that are happening I want to go back to what it was before the cancer. I have lost about 60# most of it was muscle and find that I can't even do some of the things I use to. I try to explain to people but I just don't think they get it. Latley I feel like I just want to crawl in a hole and hide. I just wonder if anybody else out there feels the same. Thanks for letting me dump.