vectibix and xeloda

dmj101 Member Posts: 527 Member

Any one on this combination..

if so how is it working for you?

any side effects?

any benefits?

5FU makes me not sleep well so I guess I will need to be taking naps again..

just when life was coming back together.. I have to start this chemo.. crap again.. I have some minimal growth we are hoping this will whip back into suppression..

I am not happy.. but I am alive and will be a long time to come...




  • steveandnat
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    Your right

    Haven't had that combo but I know it stinks to start up again. But like you said..still alive!  Pray your side effect are non existence or real mild.  Jeff

  • Chelsea71
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    I have no knowledge re this
    I have no knowledge re this combo. I love your attitude. Hope this cocktail kicks butt. Best of luck to you.