after Prostate removal - still the left leg swelling due to para aortic lymph node

solairaja Member Posts: 1

Dear All,

My dad of age 55 was found with 7.5 cm diameter of tumor in the left abdomen region and the initial complaint was left leg swelling.

So we advised for the surgery for the removal of the tumor and which was done on Nov 20, 2012 and based on the biopsy report of that 

a partically differentiated prostate cancer was identified and the PSA levels was also high at that time. so we were suggested for

the prostate removal surger and which was done on Jan 13, 2013. Now my dad health is pretty much OK when compared to the Oct 2012. 

But he still suffering from the left leg swelling we are suggested to take the ultra sona gram for Pelvis and Abdomen region with KUB now.

What could be the treatment for the CURE ?? Kindly help.