First "Analversary"!

Bella_G Member Posts: 30 Member

I just celebrated my first "analversary" of completing my treatment!

I am doing really well overall. I'm able to eat a regular diet and can tolerate high fiber foods again.

I have normal stools once a day (after many months of going 3-4 times/day).

I can hike for 3+ hours, ride my bike (using extra seat padding) and have more energy in the past few months.

My only complaint is tightness in my inner thighs which I am slowly stretching out.


Here's to surviving the wretched treatment and to a cancer free future!!


  • horsepad
    horsepad Member Posts: 146 Member

    The analversaries are so wonderful!!!  Sounds like you're doing great.  May you have many more! 

  • mp327
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    Congratulations on reaching this very important milestone!  I'm so glad you are doing well with your diet and activity level.  Isn't it great to have a normal life again!  Keep moving forward and stay well!