Good news today

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Hello Friends

I have never posted on this site before, but I have read posts from members and learned to be more at ease with my anal cancer diagnosis.  Like many of you, my doctor was treating me for hemorroids, although I had never had a hemorroid in my life, even during my pregnancies.  My doctor finally referred me to a gastronic/bariatic physician - who did one exam and determined my tumor.  After that, with insurance approvals, it took a few months to get the ball rolling with treatment.  Since I was at an early stage, my oncologist and radiologist used aggresive chemo and radiation treatments, which concluded in mid-January.   After 6 weeks of healing from the radiation burns, I am finally healing!  I met with my oncologist last week, and she was happy with my progress.  I met with my radiologist and he indicated the tumor was no longer there.  I met with my gastronic doctor today - the one hero who diagnosed me correctly the first time, and he said, other than some scar tissue, the tumor has been radiated!  I don't have to go back for 3 months!!!!!  I am elated beyond words.  I go back to work on April 1st, and with Gods' will, hopefully my energy will be restored - I can't want to get my life back.  I just want to reassure any new visitors to this forum, that there is hope after diagnosis.  I have been very open and up front to anyone about my diagnosis and have never been embarrased to discuss this disease...there is no reason to be ashamed or embarrased in regards to anal cancer.  It happens.  Just get those colonoscopies, and if you ever feel "something is just not right"....complain and complain again to your doctor until they do something about it.  That's what I did...Prayers to those going through treatment, God be with you, have faith.  Prayer has been huge in my recovery.


Sincerely,  Ysmiles :)