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Hello Im a 37 year old female.  I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer 3 yr ago.  I had my thyroidectomy already, along with my thyroid, I had  18 lymphnodes, a inch diameter of neck tissue and my thymus gland were removed.  I was stage 2 papillary.  I had the highest dose of Radioactive Iodine  and ever since I have been good. No cancer return.  But does anyone else ever go into panic mode?  Whenever Im sick or something out of the ordinary health wise happens to me I go off the deep end.  I google my symptoms and check for every ailment that my symtoms can lead to.  I make myself crazy and I wont even mention the lengths I have gone to make sure I dont have cancer again.  My poor husband and friends can only do so much before they start to think I really am crazy.  If they dont already think so.  I have a wonderful husband, and two great kids.  But I get depressed, worried that I might get cancer again.  I have become somewhat of a pessamist when it comes to my health.  my recent health scare is (sorry men)  I have had my period for 23 days.  I went to my general practioner on Feb 26th.  Since my thryoid meds was changed early December and I missed a dose while on my period he thinks its hormonal.  He put me on the b/c pill for two weeks to stop it but it hasmt completly stopped I still have two days to go.  I saw him again on march 5th and he told me to finish my one pack of b/c pills and if it is not gone by then, I would have to take Provera and it should end then.  My biggest concern is Leukemia and yes Ive googled everything under the sun for this.  My Dr. did do a cbc and check to make sure I wasnt anemic.  Had cbc done twice because I told him about my concern of Leaukima.  all test came out fine nothing abnormal.  Is there anyone else who just feels like me.  I do want to not worry but its like something inside makes me worry.  If I knew of others who go through what I go through I would feel better.  Please tell me Im not alone and thanks for listening.   


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    Already Adjusted

    Hi there, 


    I understand your worry. I've been there--only not for me. I joined this site in 2011 to help adjust to the fact that my wife was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer. It's been nearly four years since her diagnosis and despite a high recurrence rate, so far, so good. Nevertheless, I've been a bundle of nerves. Myself, I've had Grave's Disease for the past nine years. I've resisted having my thyroid killed off because, well... it's an organ. Then after a routine blood test, I learned that I too have cancer: stage 2 Papillary. It was removed two weeks ago. After having spent so long coming to terms with my wife's condition, I am learning that I have premptively come to terms with my own. Weird. One thing I have learned is that after a while you have the information you need and checking out the websites just drive you crazy, bargining with the world to be in that percentage that survives. The websites I've gravitated to are the ones that discuss healthy lifestyle choices and of course reaching out (i.e., message boards) helps. Hang in there and do good deeds. It'll make you feel better.



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    I'm 16 years healthy after insular variant poorly differentaited papillary w follicular patches .  I dont ever recall them giving me a stage. I've  had all the RAI I can have. (5 doses) Treatment effects were a little rough while I was I them, but doing yoga and reasonable exercise helped me.  My doc said my attitude beat the disease for me.  I never let it define me. That was a long time ago, I was young, 26- everyone is untouchable at that age. I just get checked twice a year ( once now) and that's that. I just want to offer you hope as a long time survivor.  I'm 42 now. I teach yoga, cycle thousands of miles a year and enjoy life.  I pray for your peace. You are not this disease! 


    PS: my monthly cycle hass been wacky since turning 37. I went back on birth control pills to regulate it. If I accidentally miss a day on my synthroid, it's no big deal only 3-4 days missing effect me. if I forget a dose, I just take as soon as I remember. 

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    Crazy periods

    Crazy periods are due to your age, not your thyroid cancer.  Totally different hormones.  I am an Assistant to a Gynecologist and I see this all the time.  You need to see a specialist in Gynecology, not your PCP.  They should do an Endometrial Biopsy and an Intravaginal and Pelvic Ultrasound to rule out anything serious.  Usually it is nothing, just the beginning of the change of life or possibly a thickening of the Endometrial stripe.  Stop driving yourself crazy, panic mode will only make it worse.  You are not alone.