Good Bye my Dear, Dear Friend Clift "Buzzard"

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My heart is breaking at the loss of another dear friend.  I changed my avatar once, and Buzzard wrote and asked me to change it back to me sitting on the beach at the ocean here in Santa Cruz, that's how he always thought of me, sitting, staring into the vast horizon.  So I changed it back and it's been that same avatar for three years.

My sobbing continues, I shall mourn for some time, the death of another dear friend.

Goodbye Sweet Clift, you ole' buzzard, you were loved.

Winter Marie

"It is what it is"


  • steveandnat
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    This is such a sad day

    It's days like these that are so hard to get through. I feel so sad for Buzz family and friends for their loss. It like throwing a bucket of ice cold water on me that this ugly cancer is so real.  Ive got to think positive that I'm spending another day with my wife and family but know what's lurking around the corner. I'll be saying a prayer for all of us on this earth and those in heaven.  Jeff

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    Dear Winter Marie...

    that was a lovely and fitting tribute.  


  • maglets
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    Goldie1 said:

    Dear Winter Marie...

    that was a lovely and fitting tribute.  



    ahhhh Winter Marie.....I am soooo teary all day....I don't want to look here but i have to.....thanks for the tribute...


  • Sonia32
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    hugs winter
    I remember still when you joined how lost you were. And buzz with his way gently mocked your picture saying he would love to be on that beach lol. He did help you a lot i know how you are feeling. Hugs my sweet friend
  • pete43lost_at_sea
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    Buzz gave alot of love

    There is something beautiful in your tears Winter, don't dry them to fast.

    He was so kind and loving, a great example for us all.



  • joemetz
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    he was a helper

    Its amazing how you all speak of him helping.... he was truly a big helper to me.
    I've only been around here a bit over a year, but he and each of you have also been such a big help.

    I feel remiss as I've been away from this CSN for a few months... But, I hope to Be Like Buzz and jump back in to help others.

    hugs to each of you.

    Do you recall when his battle began? How long did he battle?



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    I know how you feel.  He was

    I know how you feel.  He was always there to pick you up when you needed it. He promised me more time and I know he would have given it if he could.  I look forward to the day we meet.

  • amcp
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    Tears are flowing

    I did not check the site until yesterday. It brought me to tears and today I still weep.  Clift was so supportive, cheerful,and helfpful.  Do not feel alone Winter Maire, there are so many tears being shed for him.  Remember the joy he brought to each of us and he will always be in our memories.  Gone but never forgotten.