Chemo Cycle / Pattern

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I'm curious if others experience is similar???

FolFox / oxciliplatin -- when taking this my experience was, treatment/connect on Thursday. Disconnect on Sat. Extreme fatigue/sleep beginning with disconnect in Sat thru Sun, recovering quickly from Mon thru next round two weeks later.

Folfiri / Erbitux -- Thur treatment/connect pump. Fatigue rest of Thur. Feel pretty good thru Sunday. Extreme fatigue/sleep on Mon, Tue. And feeling a little better each day from Tue thru next treatment two weeks later.

I'm guessing the steroids seem to last longer on the Folfiri / Erbitux, but the fatigue bytes into my plan to work through treatments. I also think the fatigue is a little more so under this treatment for me.

I wish I wasn't already conked out today. Whew. Just laying down to rest but feel like I should be working...


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    Try not to be afraid.  Take it a day at a time.  Even the Lords prayer says,"Give us this day our daily bread." Good Luck to you!!!

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    Strange husband is
    Strange husband is having same problem...came home early yesterday and stayed home today. Really wiped out. Hope it gets better soon...for both of you.