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Hi all,

I've been reading some of your stories, and first wanted  to say how wonderful it is you are all supportive and kind to each other on here. You truely are inspirational, strong people, whether it's you personally that suffer from cancer or someone you know and love. I really do appreciate it so much. 

The love of my life, told me he'd gone to the ER a few days ago..for what he thought was a heart attack. They ran some tests. He had some pain in his chest I guess and has been feeling pretty tired. We don't live together right now. I"m scared. He a pretty certain it is lung cancer. He is just over 40, and smokes. He does work out, and does try to eat good for the most part.

I know it could be anything. It hurts and scares me to no end. He's a strong person (he very much is). That he doesn't know for sure. I'm closer to him that anyone else I've ever met, he's my best freind,  I love him, and now I'm a afraid I'm going to loose him. I saw him recently, and he seemed like his normal self. Nothing out of the ordinary. That same with our conversations, til a few days ago. How do I be supportive for him? Could it be possible this isn't cancer and just something else? I know that it can be human nature to automatically think "the worst" and I don't want. I just don't know what to do. 



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    Hello lovelygirl

    Welcome to our board.


    My story is unusual but I will be happy to share it with you.  I had similar symptoms so I went to the ER.  They did a CT scan and found a mass in my right lung measuring 7.3 cm at the widest point which is really quite large.  They told me with great certainty that I had lung cancer.  Needless to say I felt like the world fell out from under me and I was shocked as I am a lifelong non-smoker.


    Over the next 3 months they did 3 biopsies, all of which came back inconclusive.  I eventually developed pneumonia.  I believed the mass was poisoning me and I was so sick they finally removed the upper right lobe of my lung.  Once they had the mass out they could test it properly and they found it was a really bad infection and there was no cancer.  Although they cannot be sure, there is some evidence the mass was caused by a severe mold allergy.


    So to answer your question regarding other possibilities, yes there are.  But let's assume the worst and he does have cancer.  This is not a death sentence as there is so much they can do these days.  Please try not to imagine the worst if you do get that diagnosis.  There are many lung cancer survivors in this world and the good people of this board are living proof.


    Wishing you the very best.  Please keep in touch, we are here for you.



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    How did your boyfriend make

    How did your boyfriend make out?  Was it cancer?  Sounds so much like my husband's story.  He too went to the hospital with chest pains in December 2012 and a small spot was found on his lung but nothing wrong with his heart.  More test revealed there was an "active" spot on his lung and he underwent a right upper lobectomy in February.  He has Stage 1A Adenocarcinoma (Non-small cell lung cancer) but has an excellent prognoses.  I worry everyday that it will come back but pray it doesn't.  Good Luck to you and let me know how he's doing.


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    possible lung cancer

    I also had chest pain and discomfort. I was diagonoed with stage 4 lung cancer. Just remember it is not an immediate death senrence. After 38 radiation treatments and countless chemo treatments they can no longer find the cancer. It may come back but as of this minute I am cancer free. I praise God every day for the additional time given me.